Prime Minister reports, will affect the lives of our electricity supplier

[i] world network operators tall on the "government work report" and we have business relations? The answer is yes, but the relation is very close. Today, Premier Li Keqiang made in 2015, the government work report, the new year, we will change the lives of electricity suppliers who will therefore happen?.


1, need a business for the approval of "broken"

[report] to the enterprise deregulation, to facilitate entrepreneurship, to create a fair competitive environment. All administrative examination and approval procedures should be simplified procedures, a clear time limit, the use of government power subtraction in exchange for market vitality multiplication".

of small and micro enterprises have a brilliant future, to help start, send a process, make the "grassroots" entrepreneurship, become blossom everywhere.

[interpretation] to open a shop to cover more than a dozen chapters, you encountered it? Do not worry, in the future this situation will be less and less. NPC and CPPCC bring good news for Entrepreneurs: first, no longer boduantui approval "". This year will be canceled and the decentralization of a number of administrative examination and approval, the approval of the program and time limit to facilitate entrepreneurship. Secondly, the "Mount", the government will also send a "small and micro enterprises," inclusive "policy may help you achieve your dreams. Want to start your business, rest assured!

2, more jobs are waiting for you

[report] more than 10 million new urban jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate of less than 4.5%.

[interpretation] want to work for you, there are benefits. This year, in addition to continuing to maintain more than 10 million of new jobs, the unemployment rate will be controlled within the same period, compared with last year’s target of 4.6%, but also reduced by one percentage point.

that is to say, although the economy is facing downward pressure, but does not affect the government’s confidence in employment protection. In 2015, whether you are fresh, or has moved to the community, it is possible to find a satisfactory job.


3, slow speed, logistics will improve

[report] and comprehensively promote the triple play, accelerate the construction of fiber-optic network, greatly enhance the rate of development of broadband network, logistics and express to the Internet as the carrier, emerging consumer online and offline interaction is booming.


] reading speed is too slow, logistics sucks, unsafe payment, whether you are online shopping consumption by


2015, these problems are expected to further ease. Government work report to promote the triple play, the development of logistics express, e-commerce initiatives, will further optimize our Internet consumption experience.

believes that this year, there will be more people choose online consumption.

4, the railway may be repaired to your home