Chengdu electricity supplier several sad reminder of the domain name where customers make website, also have clothing B2C, is certainly a high estimate directly to where the customer did not sell, finally angrily to build their own station, direct closure of your users, make you pain in the end.

IT teahouse as a native of Sichuan IT industry community, contact the site’s founder of sorts, some of the details of a single domain is also interesting, here are a few examples of Chengdu electricity supplier is more miserable domain, for your reference, welcome to supplement.

1 Xinhua Bookstore Wenxuan network strange index: 10

belongs to Sichuan Xinhua Bookstore, the book sold online, the first is the domain name (, the website said the first year has invested millions of sales promotion, in the tens of millions more, after the domain name changed to (, just see I still very happy, finally changed to remember Larry domain. A careful look at the wrong. Not, immediately haematemesis, do not know how many users to enter the wrong domain name;

The 20 thousand channel

mall mall Jiayi Le strange index: 9

this is said by the Sichuan Changhong investment 50 million to build 3C appliances online mall, in Chongqing by the most powerful with the local newspaper group established a joint venture company, great in strength and impetus. The first site is called Wan Road Mall, the domain name is ( is a well-known domain name investors in Chengdu hands), large-scale promotion of a year or so. In recent days the site was renamed Le Jiayi mall, the domain name is, from the site it should be extended to the location Home Furnishing category, this friend of estimated bad music;

3 Milan network strange index: 8


network because of millions of investment from Sequoia Capital and mingzaoyishi, it is said that in the field of foreign trade B2C do a very powerful, and Chongqing dragon network together known as the foreign trade B2C southwest planes. His domain name has not changed, is, because it is for foreign countries, can not feel the memory of foreigners on the domain name, perhaps it is not difficult for them to remember.

4 M Miller index: 8


Mimiller mall is Chengdu veteran B2C companies, but also by the strong support of the government, located in the online digital sales, annual sales are more than ten million, this year also heavily sponsored happy girls Chengdu division game. Now the domain name is, there are wonderful and different approaches but equally satisfactory results in Milan, do not know how to treat the holder of the;


5 index: 7

net Chengdu idle away in seeking pleasure.