PHLPS TV hand micro whale to create a fly often whale hi

October 13th, a "" flying "often" whales "joy" as the theme of the promotional posters widely circulated in the circle of friends, a whale leaping into the air after falling into the PHILPS TV frame surface, true to life reverie. Another copy of the poster reads: "this is just the beginning of a strong alliance." This is the original PHILPS TV hand micro launched PHILPS micro TV series whale whale promotional posters, one is from the hundred years of the Royal brand in Europe, is a massive Internet online service provider, when PHILPS TV encountered micro whale resources, combination to this will be a heavy attack, they will jointly manufacture a "flying" often "whale" hi.


when PHILPS TV encountered the advantage of micro whale resources

as a century old royal brand from Europe, PHILPS TV since its inception, has been to ultra-high product quality and brand reputation led the development of the television industry. From 1925, PHILPS began to test the first TV, innovation has become the most powerful gene PHILPS tv. In the "innovation for you" business philosophy under the guidance of PHILPS TV to keep innovation technology into new products, Ambilight technology, "comfortable blue" technology, OLED technology, QD luminescent quantum dots technology, 4K HDR technology, 3D imaging technology, "Rui remote sense"…… Every innovation and technology integration is a leap in PHILPS tv. It is precisely because of the strong innovation gene to do support, PHILPS TV can go through several generations of innovation has always been at the forefront of the development of leading industries.


and PHILPS TV has a long history of the brand, the whale is undoubtedly a rookie in the television industry. The union was founded by Li Ruigang and Li Huaiyu in 2015, a young brand, Fu was born much concern. The company by the Chinese culture, Tencent, Alibaba, CNR jointly launched, is an excellent Internet online service provider, backed by hundreds of billions of funds, has the advantage of content and incomparable leading content operation ability. In addition to the integration of Tencent TV and mango TV resources, micro whale also featured high-quality content, packaged for the audience to offer the largest TVB Library in China, super event, BBC boutique, children’s programs, such as endless good content. At the same time, the whale’s original WUI system through the big data algorithm, not only allows consumers to quickly find the content you want to see, but also according to the tastes of consumers recommend their favorite programs.

with the development and popularization of smart TV, PHILPS TV will gradually build their own TV ecology on the development agenda. PHILPS TV experience accumulation, technological innovation and sales channels have a huge advantage, and now is to find a strong partner to enrich their content resources. After a number of cooperation with ALI entertainment and Tencent Penguin TV, PHILPS TV began looking for the next super CP. And at this point the micro whale is also trying to find