Ali announced its second-hand trading platform idle fish and auction business consolidation

May 18th news, this afternoon, Alibaba group announced its free fish and auction business will be merged, IT home found that the current Taobao auction has been renamed the auction of idle fish. The official claimed that the "idle fish" and "auction" have strong economic and sharing community gene interaction, the two together will jointly explore a variety of fish including idle idle fish auction, secondary trading, idle fish second-hand car, share business form.


data show that the value sharing community idle fish was born in June 28, 2014, in November last year, there was news that the capital market for idle fish valuation has more than $3 billion.

Ali’s auction business is launched in 2012, the subject of the auction platform, including celebrities of every hue, the assets and equity of listed companies, overseas islands, Italy castle etc.. In April this year, a video advertising online auction platform network Reds Papi sauce and the highest record for the auction business Ali shot margin.

it is understood that the current use of the current system of invitation to invite fish, on the part of the individual certified users to open the public auction attempt. After further improvement of the rules, the platform will gradually open so that more and more users involved.