Black Friday in the United States one world, one hand chop

queuing outside the United States

people buy goods


technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley

in a sense, the United States on Friday is the black Chinese online shopping Carnival eleven online and offline combination version. Consumers in the United States in the madness of black Friday shopping, not to China consumers in double eleven period. The whole shopping spree behind very attractive prices also touch the hearts of people across the ocean Chinese.


family reunion dinner and shopping

every year on the last Thursday in November, is the traditional holiday thanksgiving. From the family point of view, Thanksgiving and Christmas is like the United States, the Mid Autumn Festival and new year’s day thirty, is a big day for the American people to go home together. On this day, scattered around the family will go home to eat dinner, the family sat together to enjoy the feast of Turkey pumpkin.

from a business point of view, Thanksgiving is the most important holiday in the United States each year. This weekend is the busiest time for the United States is the United States retail traffic, the annual shopping carnival is the shopping season (until the start of Christmas and new year). The day after Thanksgiving, also known as the black Friday, almost all businesses will launch a substantial discount to promote merchandise. Sales in the last two months of the year typically account for 20%-40% of the total annual sales of U.S. businesses, while the black Friday results of the shopping season will largely determine the performance of a business in the fourth quarter.

shopping psychology behavior, the United States and the Chinese people are not much different. Shopping orders are the same urgency, sun dry goods are the same as the proud, and then cut the hand of regret. In order to get a substantial discount goods, the American people even after his family reunion dinner can not wait to go out, at the end of November to the cold line in front of the business, only in the morning for the first time into the store to grab a limited number of discount merchandise. To feel the shopping enthusiasm, please with the northern United States has just suffered the cold hit, and the shop door open queuing snowstorm raging conditions. Perhaps it is because the American people usually with much land and few people deserted, queuing for shopping itself has a special enthusiasm, great temptation discount plus black Friday, black lead each year at five in the morning into the shop scene panic buying is like a spring disaster movie.

in fact, as people’s shopping enthusiasm is too high, in recent years, black Friday has quietly turned black Thursday. WAL-MART, best buy, Sears and other major businesses in recent years, the opening hours from 5 a.m. Friday, early Friday midnight, some even turned 5 on Thursday afternoon it opened its doors. According to this trend, the future of black Friday may turn black Thursday.

in this whole crazy shopping Carnival day, shopping has become a real battle. The mall parking lot usually empty, even in black five to queue for more than an hour.