mprove the site keywords ranking trick

principle two, there have a so-called there have a keyword, it is mainly aimed at a recognized target keywords is optimized, and then the other side of the keyword distribution to other pages to be optimized, the benefits of doing so is to happen, a situation to avoid keywords the accumulation and give up some key words through the side, after appearing in the same page target keywords and target keywords, we have to do the ranking will be much better than the original, this is homes in order to get. So, exactly what to do?

The selection principle of

1, the selection of key wordsThe principle of


      first, for example, all you have to do is site keywords Shanghai Dragon technology, Shanghai dragon optimization, website promotion, so we should set a goal to do keywords, and then the other side keyword distribution to other pages, for example: We identified the target keywords Shanghai Dragon technology, then, can the Shanghai Dragon technology layout to the home position, then the Shanghai dragon optimization and website promotion page layout to the column position on it.

is an important principle of

, the so-called evade the crucial point selection principle keywords evade the crucial point, means to avoid some of the more popular keywords, and the choice of some index is relatively low key point, or "mining long tail keywords to do optimization, because, in general, popular keywords others made love keywords Shanghai auction, others drop out of money ranking, we certainly do so, but his, we must learn the principle of selecting the keywords evade the crucial point. Here, give us an account of a point, is that we can set up regional keywords + target keywords phrase form to do, or can be a lot of mining long tail keywords, although rarely, long tail keyword search but, as long as do many things, the key word ranking will improve, but optimization is the length of time, long tail keywords ranking effect is very good.

2, the density of keywords to control the website keyword density must be controlled, this detail is very important, the general keyword density should be controlled in.

, improve the site keywords ranking ace

web site to improve keyword trick what? This is an issue that many people want to know, because I believe that most in Shanghai Longfeng this line of friends, always in the ranking of words that do not worry, keyword ranking, keywords ranking up but not flow more worry. Therefore, we must grasp some improved web site keywords ranking of the "trick", the trick is simply some of my actual combat experience summed up, we must according to the search engine algorithm change constantly, and make corresponding adjustment, and then carefully explain to everyone.