Keywords optimization strategy before the website

some friends home in my blog articles the following message said this sentence: "when the line on the website how to develop keywords strategies, such as pre should develop what keywords, middle and late should develop what keywords, is how to develop in different periods of keyword optimization strategy can be one of the best optimization strategy to achieve?" I think this question is very good, this is also a lot of new Shanghai dragon personnel are very confused, not a complete optimization strategy, and you on the Internet is exhausted, also not to search for some website optimization strategies in the detailed document, today old Feng (Feng Dongyang) told us I share, is how to make web site keywords optimization strategy of early, middle and late. Today is the first to share website launch keywords location optimization strategy:

web page title keyword strategy

for the website launch, we must first develop a good home page keyword strategy. The home keywords should be based on the principle of the establishment of the core keywords and long tail keywords – core keywords + company name, for example, I am now the owner of a company, I will first consider my business scope when making site of the title of the page, my goal is clear, only to do the cleaning business in Zhengzhou city my website, the title will be domestic company positioning: Zhengzhou + Zhengzhou + Zhengzhou cleaning company the best domestic companies – XX housekeeping.

said I did it to make me feel the first title, title should grasp within 30 Chinese characters, love Shanghai should show only 32 Chinese characters, many words will automatically cut off, Google and 360 as show only 30 words. So the 30 Chinese characters no matter how search will not be cut off, Google in the "Google optimization guide" which emphasizes the title character should be as short as possible, a little bit of love that is not strictly in Shanghai. But from the angle of the user experience or not more than 30 Chinese characters, of course some web 60 is still ranked Chinese characters, which I don’t want to say, I was standing in the user’s perspective and the long-term development of the site. Another point to note that some enterprises love write the full name in the title, it is not necessary. For example, the domestic company name is Zhengzhou certain domestic service companies, you only need to write certain housekeeping on the line. The front has keywords >

Keywords on-line optimization strategy of pre

here I said that some small and medium-sized enterprise website, for a large door apartment layout or B2B website is not suitable, this is I in a hypothetical condition to analyze and formulate early keyword optimization strategy. Because in reality practice you will certainly encounter to resistance, such as team members do not match, the boss does not accept your suggestions and so on. Here, we assume that Feng Dongyang is my boss, now I opened a domestic company, this example is of course, thinking method is suitable for other industries. And here is my understanding website launch site began to 1 months from the well, this is the site of the early.