Decryption website ranking the next stop on the cause of fluctuation

I guess so, of course this is just a guess, as we all know, Shanghai love home total ten positions, and then remove the love Shanghai’s own products such as Wikipedia, know, pictures, shopping, and now the home position to leave a news source, one for B2B or B2C the site, like what a Alibaba or Amazon, this is down to the enterprise station will generally two or three positions, imagine if the position of long-term fixed to the several websites to improve the user experience, to provide search diversity, there is no doubt that is disadvantageous, feeling love Shanghai now is the establishment of a list, then the list sites are some after examining feel love Shanghai is the quality of the website, then this list is to say A football team with the reserves, the main force is accepted level, so often played, and substitute due to play not many opportunities, has been sitting on the bench, called the bench, when the main players due to some reasons, such as injury, holiday and other substitute this time the substitute can get two results, one is the bench really is not the level bench. There will be a situation that is on the bench for the final super heroics, become the main players, players, and former players have become a substitute, did not have the chance to play back to love Shanghai ranked up, feel the love of Shanghai has also established a large list of similar, such as the first two pages the first three pages of the website or collection for a large list, or larger, according to the hypothesis of scoring mechanism to love Shanghai, for example, before the home page ranking site scoring 100 points, ranked in the second page of the website is scoring 80 points, with the love of Shanghai from the list to score is 80 points web site regularly pull to the home page, and then look at the performance of these sites, such as user experience, if the performance is good if they stay for a few days, performance is not good, then the less for a few days, some of today, Tomorrow is down, some of today, a week down, so.

recently often observe our industry Guan Jian word electronic scale website, after long time observation, found a new phenomenon, most website ranking is constantly fluctuating, especially between the first two pages of the website, there are two pages outside, suddenly jump to the home page, but this is a very individual phenomenon, or most of the first two pages of the website ranking does not stop changes, had previously been found a lot of page ranking of the site now also ran to second pages, and second pages of the site better take turns on the home page, one day some stay at home, and then went back, and stay on a week, then go back, and why, is the home website experience is not good to pull down? Is it ranked the second page web site because of the sudden good optimization, ranking on the home page Then, because the experience is not good to pull down, feeling changes can not be so quick, this phenomenon is difficult to explain, so that love is not generally experience in Shanghai and what the new ranking mechanism.