The use of overseas space Shanghai dragon er you vulnerable

three sins: foreign website space included the amount of low

is the first overseas space will not affect the normal search spider crawling, the love of Shanghai is also clear that the love of spiders in Shanghai for overseas websites have a treat, as long as the site open. The second review of foreign space is relatively loose, not be irrational exclusion and broken network situation. At the time of foreign and Hong Kong space does not need to record, this will give a lot of people to solve the most headache problem for the record.

encountered this problem is generally more homely food IDC abroad, overseas space is the domestic IDC companies hire foreign server room, so their technology can not and can not go to the site to deal with the problem, only a remote control permissions. Once the underwater earthquake or fault, resulting in submarine cable faults appear, so there is no way to normal access to domestic users, Chinese search engine spiders will not climb searching. Even more difficult is because of domestic and abroad often have time difference, so it is difficult for the first time to contact room to deal with the problem, this problem often can only feel powerless and frustrated


two sins: the space is not stable, suck

this is personally experienced. The same site in the country when the amount collected to the amount collected is much higher than abroad, before the site in the country, because the filing is revoked shall not have moved overseas, and then found the amount collected wantonly reduced, and has not returned to normal included. We understand that many foreign space moved to the site, there are the amount included in the case of sharp decline. >

then for foreign space of all kinds of benefits, whether the overseas space on the website optimization doesn’t have any effect? It’s not, I will use my experience and it is for you to discuss.

believes that the influence of friends last year that a webmaster for the domestic Internet large-scale rectification should also remember, this is already a hit the Internet illegal website but also affect the action of a regular website, room without notice in a blocked port or directly to the network fault check. Disconnection is a fatal blow to the website, plus last year’s implementation of the new regulations of domain name registration and on-site photographs for the record storm, the domestic Internet seems to move forward toward the elimination of the personal website of the direction, many of the domestic Internet environment desperate have set their sights on overseas.

is a sin: garbage station, susceptible to implicate

review of foreign space is very loose, generally not large-scale census, so a lot of domestic garbage station, station, station of illegal grazing have moved overseas, leading to foreign space station to nourish the students, it is difficult to ensure your website is adjacent to the regular site, and the space is generally the same the use of a IP, so when your neighbor is a search engine punishment website, then you may as IP has been pulled to the search engine in the blacklist.