How to write a search engine and users can obtain the title of the article

5, do not deceive the user

let me introduce how to write users and search engines love the title

3, the title should write what content?

360, Google can display the title words in general about 30 Chinese characters, so please do not be too long and too short, too long to display is not complete, can not show that the meaning is too short.

3, an important keyword appears position

no matter what time the headline can cheat users, because users will always be found, then there is no then.

, the 2 words in the titleWhether it is love or Shanghai

2) if you want to put yourself into the title industry keywords, the keywords in the industry as above, to the left.

4, the title should be what kind of keywords

1, user habits and positioning

this time depends on the positioning of the site or edit the hope to show the reader what content, if the editors want to tell users own website high financial gains, it is time to write the title on the title of the article is to write about, if not all describe the contents of the article, it is for most readers.

users in different industries have different reading habits, for example, engineering machinery industry users and cultural level is relatively low, the text comprehension is shallow, love is simple and easy to understand and practical title, for example: Tutorial: experts personally teach you how to identify the car. You cannot use more advanced or professional terms to write.

small in editing industry also has two or three years of time, since that will write the title, recently gave others a brief introduction of the writing of the title of the experience, do not spray the great god.

no matter how well written, the value of a website is mainly provided the overall quality on the website, users can only get enough information, useful enough to pay more attention to your website from your website, in order to obtain Everfount traffic, so do the content is king.

1) if you want to use the hot spot to boost exposure to hot news events on the title left, because search spiders crawl is generally from left to right, so the left words for the ranking of

Summary: in fact, the title of the article

online often see some people ask, what should use the word as keywords when writing the title and article, in fact mainly depends on your industry and what their main word is, if you not like Shanghai, watercress, 1818 platforms such large web sites is best to start from the long tail word. When writing the title must be considered from the user point of view, think about what they will use words to search.