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many times for their own website weight low to some high weight website Links, many webmaster will feel how your website weight low people willing to exchange with you? Since the sad heart makes many webmaster in the Links process did not show what tight this idea is there! The exchange is not conducive to the Links! So when we should be carried out and some high weight website link exchange must first establish a good attitude "thought is not improperly belittle oneself" feel there! Everything is difficult at the beginning we should adhere to the

a select high weight website is not the same industry, this kind of website how to find it? First we from rival web site on their Links to find more suited to their website in their Links inside

introduction: through the exchange of friends of the chain to enhance the site weight, small and medium-sized websites hope and correlation between the weight of the high station exchange chain, in order to get their own website development. Exchange chain, exchange exchange chain to negotiate well under the condition of the. How to find not only conducive to their own website and would like to exchange the website? What is the method of small and medium-sized websites exchange chain? We know, on their own initiative to find friends of the chain, will choose with their own web site, have high weight, included, high traffic website certainly will not miss you, of course see each other is willing to exchange with you.


B from the local portal station starts! Many regions have the weight of the existence of this kind of website of local portal is relatively high! They can also channel page quality! Most of the site has its own advantages will not take the initiative to find Links! So this kind of link to the number of stations will be relatively there are fewer! The owners of these requirements for the friends of the chain is not high! So it will not be very difficult to exchange

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website what method exchange chain? Therefore, we look at how to solve this problem.

website what method exchange chain? Here are some insights into the related personnel:

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when we disdain "thought when improperly belittle oneself" courage and information to find high weight site do link! You need to understand what kind of website and your website links the success rate is high! Many webmaster will choose some professional Links exchange QQ group and Links exchange platform for the target but inside! You can think of a lot of people you can think of! Although the QQ group inside high weight site a lot, but a lot of people are similar to your psychology, intensity of competition will increase with the exchange is not easy!

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