The analysis of data flow optimization search website

fifth, search engine keyword

site is one of the most important in the later work in the website operation, despite the Shanghai dragon, analysis of Web site traffic can easily analyze website visitors for what is love, not love for what kind of content, in the data flow analysis to see that, so taught today all of the data traffic, further improve the user experience of the website and flow.

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fourth, users of the page backgroundFrom the

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we can look at the statistics system, the number of PV display and compared to the PV average proportion of IP, if your site is higher than the average PV of 15 or higher, then there is no doubt that your website is by the users love the site, if you PV the average lower than in 15, then to be on the content of the site work, because the bounce rate of your website is very high.

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third, view statistics system inside the

first, let us talk IP flow

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Flow analysis of

page can track users are to our website from which the jump page, such as search engine keyword, or a website, if it is a keyword, you should count from the keyword traffic to a website or, if more, then a little time optimization, if the flow comes from love Shanghai know, then we can click into the page, then we can click the "help" button, so the problem can improve some search rankings.

search volume keywords, see the specific number of searches, as well as independent IP, we can record our daily website keyword search, then second days, down third days, a total of one month write down all the search keywords, and then compare, look from the number of users which jumped into the keyword the website most, then focuses on the optimization of the keyword, or add the keyword content.


sixth, see the website visitorsYou can

IP is the most concerned, when data flow analysis, if your IP is too low or the site traffic to a bottle unexpectedly, if the analysis flow and take the corresponding work, so we can further improve the user experience, to increase website traffic.

second of the website, PV

from this table, we can find the user for what our website is interested in, and can be a visitor tracking, see the visitors have visited our website which pages in detail, we can find the user access to the highest rate of the page, and then look at what is the content type, then we in the content of work.

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