The site included reducing from the inside out scientific analysis

content is not high quality caused by

as you know, this year two major search engines love Shanghai K station is due to enhance the user experience, focus on the content of the website is like trash. Those who rely on the most copied collection site suffered a serious blow, pseudo original estimated daily after dying, want to have real content, owners still need to write their own, don’t expect to go to copy, acquisition, pseudo original road. The search engine has launched a fingerprint algorithm, the methods to access the contents of the website will be severely hit, you know love Shanghai is rather kill the wrong can not let go of the search engine, so we must think of a way to provide high quality original content.


solution: ask the space is how one thing, if you can solve the short term even if, if it can really change if things go on like this, the space.

we always see your log, the log can be seen from space stable your site unstable, you think if you update a lot of quality content, search engine came to your website and content capture. Your server doesn’t make it stable, no way to successfully grab, so several times, not only included drop, people do not come to the spider on your site. The same is true for the users, such as users come to your website to open a page to wait for a long time, who are willing to ah, unless it is like the 12306 kind of rigid demand, otherwise people will change the site space is not stable is a big event, not only caused a decline and even lead to the spider not included, the user experience is poor, it is worth it all alert the webmaster.

Internal factors: the station

station adjustment >

included site is the root of all, not included is not everything, so in terms of importance here is not to say. It is because included so important, often included reducing things, many webmaster is not calm, a web site included reducing engineering problems here, where to find the answer, the site East adjust, get the west. Could not find the real reason was to make the website half alive on this way, it is very easy to fall right. As a science of Shanghai dragon should speak with the data, to see exactly which aspects of a problem, we may not rely on guess an antidote against the disease. Below we mainly from the site of the inner part of the in-depth analysis, you can set your own website have not encountered such a reason.

third, adjusted

second, the space is not stable


solution: to abandon the acquisition, copy, pseudo original, even if to do so, we must ensure that the proportion in half. Most of the content is still need to be original, but there is a matter of the original. Value to the users of the original, not just to write a few words of the original.

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