Discusses the role of enterprise website construction

, enhance the corporate image. Previous to promote the image of the enterprise can only through the information published in the newspapers, advertising on television, advertising and some time-consuming method. The construction of enterprise website changed to enhance the corporate image of the traditional method, although the website construction of the initial line can not bring new customers, the effect is not very obvious, even can not play any role, but this is only temporary, later website operation is good, the website benefits and enhance the corporate image will not be estimated, the cost of the cost is relatively low, but also can be used for a long time.

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three, keep close contact with customers. The construction of websites can not only publish information on enterprises, can also set up some more columns, for customers to browse. The enterprise through the dynamic released on the website, regularly update website, pay attention to enterprise website customers know will often come to see this information, which is established between the customer and the link is invisible. Again, is to the customer can provide feedback information platform, including online message, leaving the enterprise contact email, QQ and other contact information, customer feedback information, the enterprise can give the reply, get advice from, to maintain close contact with customers, can also enhance corporate image.

In order to adapt to the era of the Internet

two, a potential business relationship. The construction of Web site, can put all the things associated with the company on the website, such as company profiles, product features, business news and other information to display on the website, for visitors to browse, have potential customers from enterprises. The website design keyword in the search engine users can quickly find the enterprise website, to understand the business of all aspects of the information above, so the website has become a platform of network communication, the enterprise can establish business relation with the potential of the site.

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in addition to these points, there are many websites, can also set up e-commerce function, forum and so on, which can be added to the site, let site play more action.


crazy, almost every enterprise has a website of their own, not only to continue to develop in the traditional business model, but also through the website construction of new business models in the internet. The role of marketing enterprise construction site can be said to be the traditional model can not be compared.