Analysis of the novel site how to deal with the love of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm

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in web games rampant today, careful friends will find many N websites have web game advertising, some sites just click a link or button, then immediately pop up ad page. This form of advertising page pops up most users bored, imagine a wonderful part of reading the novel I am be absorbed in, suddenly pop up this stuff, who could not be awful, no one will go to see these ads must be angry quickly turn off the page. The residence time of the user in the fiction of web pages long, traffic is relatively high, some time long novel station traffic is very high. Love for the first phase of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm clear those containing bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing page, so these novels pay attention to the site, reduce page spam, especially full page ads, seriously interfere with the normal browsing of users.

second: a page number of ads should be under the control of

forms of advertising, the number and the content of advertising must also.

: first reduce or not use full page pop-up ads

is Scindapsus algorithm, the love of Shanghai will launch a new algorithm, called pomegranate algorithm, as to why the use of this term is around this algorithm can make nothing of it, I see the pomegranate, just a lot of articles in the A5 Adsense online. Pomegranate algorithm is mainly to blow the low quality of the page, so what pages are low quality page category? Love Shanghai official also introduced, the first phase of the main object is that there are a large number of spam pages, my personal understanding is the low quality of the page also includes the content, content and theme without waste related pages. What kind of site there will be a lot of junk small ads? Some brand advertising that station is certainly not out of order, the remaining are small, typically movie and novel station site, the station belongs to the most personal webmaster.

as above, the word love Shanghai search for "Wu move back", you will find the N much of this novel website, the author is a novel fan, so often read novels in some novels on the site, hate the most is some novel station opened the page on the pop-up ads, are generally some web Games advertising. This form of advertising so that users are very disgusted, but this station will rely on advertising revenue to survive, so there is no way of things, these sites must be the object of attack is the pomegranate algorithm, so there are some movie website, if you run a kind of novel this kind of site, so how to deal with it? In other words, what kind of advertisement form is more conducive to the user experience? If I met those websites always pop-up, I would not hesitate to turn off. The common advertising model has banner ads, button ads, pop-up ads, advertising pages suspended, a small site advertising is certainly not small, because most rely on advertising to make money. For the fictional site, can adjust the advertising strategy.