360 search to Shanghai dragon change

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in August 16, 2012, 360 the company launched a low-key search engine service. As a grassroots webmaster, it should pay attention to the various search engines. After all, we do the webmaster, often eat in Shanghai Longfeng by search engine.

is now 360 search has been on the line for several months, it also launched the "360 Webmaster Platform", today I would like to search for our 360 grassroots webmaster to bring change, in fact, use this word to change a bit, but 360 on-line search indeed to our grassroots webmaster, and the webmaster keen Shanghai Longfeng area poses some of the changes.

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especially 360 such companies, it has 360 Internet browser entrance strong background prompted 360 search will be a share and have a certain influence in the industry of search engine, this point is more like a webmaster to pay attention to.

actually, I think, as a webmaster we must pay attention to all of the search engine, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon is the most important platform is not false, but other search engines if it can be done, but also can make a lot of effect. And all the Shanghai dragon ER in sex Shanghai search engine optimization, the soso, Sogou search engines such as small but competitive. While the 360 search engines worth more to do, because the number of users is very large.

Shanghai, our webmaster, or Shanghai Longfeng customers don’t pay attention to in addition to love Shanghai search engine. The most attention at Google search results, but the fact is the case with the noble baby China and gradually exit, closed a lot of business in China, Google is often unable to access, domestic Shanghai dragon Er, owners and customers for the noble baby’s attention is less.

, Shanghai dragon ER, and the webmaster have the network marketing and promotion more choice. Love Shanghai K last summer, believes that many webmaster remember that Shanghai dragon circles the nightmare, I admit that there are some of the rubbish site, but I want to say is, as a large company, as a social responsibility of the company, so.

in the past, Shanghai dragon in China because of love Shanghai in search of a single large, and a baby from many aspects such as factors in Chinese, Shanghai dragon is equivalent to love Shanghai optimization. I also know some knowledge of the operation of Shanghai dragon, some Shanghai dragon, we do Shanghai Longfeng basically do not see other factors for search search, instant search, Sogou search, a search engine and so on these, we can ignore the Shanghai dragon ER.

360 search was still very concerned by the webmaster. 360 search in China webmaster circles, let the original pattern slightly changed, now the more friends around also began to focus on 360 search engines.