How do you add multiple ad units to your web site170 thousand intervention for discouraging mistress

read this question on your website in Shanghai, and you can only sigh about the drama in life, which is always richer than the TV series.

such a set of data, appeared in a listing of new three board company’s Web site. The company is Shanghai Weiqing network Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as "Weiqing shares", attract eyeball read Jun, is the company’s business, save the marriage, discourage extramarital affairs, separation for mistress, intervention Dutch act.

2016 1-10 monthly income of over 3.6 times, the company so discouraging mistress


no marriage is easy, and there are always minor incidents and setbacks. It is recommended that you do not angry, not to make any decisions at this time to talk, you already have a daughter, divorce will only push the child to the helpless situation, may affect her life. Marriage, there are third, you have to find out where the problem is, after finding the reason, can come up with solutions, dragging is not long method. Happy

can obviously see >

and copying and pasting the advertising code into the HTML source code, adding more ad units to the site is also very simple. Use " the ad layout code " options in the page define each ad unit:

What kind of presence is a company like !

, then, read the gentleman and see the analysis of the dimensional expert, and can only sigh a sentence, "really rich," read the king of the copy and paste, the analysis of the situation is such experts:

but by addressing such marital problems, the income of Wei’s shares is considerable. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 1-10 months, the company’s operating income was 4 million 853 thousand and 900 yuan, 8 million 752 thousand and 100 yuan, 17 million 678 thousand yuan, respectively, -120.11 million yuan, 1 million 400 thousand and 400 yuan, 4 million 152 thousand and 400 yuan.

"my husband is having an affair. I’m pregnant with third people. What should I do?"

"hello.". Present your case, should not be angry. Third very scheming, her husband in with him divorce, she took the opportunity to find a spare tire with, this spare tire is your husband. She was chatting with you in order to stabilize your mood, pointing out that he will take the initiative to cut off the children, the quiet affair you WeChat, visible her heart let your husband is responsible for. In this case, you should think about how to protect your rights and interests.

through the https://s.shlf1314/adsense/ login to your account click the Settings tab >
select advertising format and any options required for advertising.
the advertising copy and paste the code into your opinion, plus a group of advertising will be more help "HTML source code.

first look at a set of data: to save 257316 pairs of marriage; to discourage extramarital affairs 316079 pairs; separation of small three 168552; intervention for love; suicide 71320.

‘s main customers are individuals experiencing family crisis. According to the book the revolution said in the marriage and family counseling and service, Shanghai Weiqing has very strong technical reserves, such as the evaluation of visitors in marriage is "asexual" "loveless" "no", visit the crux of marriage problem analysis, judgment difficult operation case. It’s a toll box third mediation room, friends,