Wangzhuan from the network to the traditional is king

Wangzhuan, the word is more and more deeply so that a webmaster with size.

, I’m a small personal website. Once, I like headless flies, in order to Wangzhuan racking their brains, not friends, work backwards, his son did not know how suddenly one year old, like his growing up and I have no relations. For a long time, in order to be a little bit more of the site, in order to make my little jar a little increase the click rate, in order to make the site GG price higher so small, how many a night night, a person, alone and keep in front of the computer, a change to shift to tell the forum, and delete the construction the site, delete and construction, the ideal high content words to find the ideal matched with GG. Getting a glazed, seven feet tall, like a woman, not to mention the lack of long-term outdoor sports, sports, feeble, not to mention the past proud chest.

I’m so focused. I’ve done enough. I’ve got enough. Why, why do I still get so little, little, poor pay?.

last week, my GG was full of 100US, and I took the money. In the end, there is a signature to the effect of agreeing to the current exchange rate. 103US changed 720RMB. Five months’ income. In the evening, I asked my friend to go out to drink, half of them were gone. Second days to buy a small toy for his son, and then bought two G cheap space. It’s all over. Five months of work.

, this is no longer the time for GG and the advertising alliance to survive.

I was thinking, if my forum doesn’t put GG, but with a small mall. Use my forum popularity, from Alibaba purchase hand in hand, and how will the effect?.

yesterday, I basically completed the construction of my website group:

love PHOTOSHOP tutorial network:


: I.

cross stitch City:

state information network:

also has a jade forum, because it is not displayed in the changing space.

these websites, basically be regarded as new sites. I’m keeping ten posts per day per station now. Standing for a long time, people on the plain, more ideal. Develop slowly. One day, I’ll take a shopping mall on these websites. Selling dozens of dollars a day, I think, is faster than GG.

is planning to find a place to buy goods online, to evolve online, and then to sell locally.

heard that the station, Alibaba, NetEase they have developed so big, "