The most practical network marketing methods, the effect of big market points

with the "Internet plus", network marketing era is coming! In the earliest Forum promotion, blog promotion, pop promotion is now rarely used in people, but there are a lot of promotion drainage method is still long, such as marketing, advertising and so on, these promotion methods exist for 10 years, until now still enduring.

so the single Jen information based on his own experience and the students’ situation of some commonly used promotion methods to do a summary, and these promotion methods cost, promotion effect made a summary, hope to do network marketing and help to do the network marketing business.


the following small included 13 kinds of promotion methods, are relatively common.

1, natural absorption of powder through content

usually many companies registered micro-blog number, micro signal, web site, the only thing to do is to update the content, the good name said: "wine is not afraid of deep alley.". So we see multiple zombie and botnet sites. Although the content has been updated, but the click rate and access to poor, so conversion rate, brand exposure is very low.

2, from the media platform recommended

each platform, website has its own development direction, the content of the control also has its own advantages. Send a copy of the editor’s favorite articles, the chances of recommendation is very large. Often people drying XX station, reading tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, such as this article, if the other editor does not recommend, there is such a high click, that’s hell.

any explosion are need a point to explode, and the vast majority of explosion point is generated in the editor. How to let the platform website recommend your article, in-depth analysis of the other website content is very necessary, especially you focus on doing promotion of several platforms.

3, ad

from the media platform

if you want to get a lot of exposure and fans, advertising is the most cost saving time means.

4, IM promotion

, the most common IM promotion, is QQ’s little sister who sells tea, and WeChat heads up for meetings. This promotion is very cheap, and individuals will do it. But its effect is also very low, just like fraud phone, the rate of deception is 1/1000, but in this person in action, before the failure can be ignored.

5, Baidu Department (know, stick, Encyclopedia) promotion

now Baidu to SEO opportunities less and less, almost all of its own products, in addition to SEO, Baidu popular several promotion channel is know, stick it, encyclopedia.

know can guide users and traffic, stick it can guide flow, encyclopedia can do brand. Although SEO can not do it, but these channels can still be studied under the flow, exposure to the brand