Novice shop how to manage the store

for the first time to do anything so strange, so at a loss, but this is the first time that after the business operators to get better, many stores, is the first time entrepreneurs, lack of experience they need to learn many knowledge, one of the most important point is how to manage the shop only. Fully grasp the content, you will be able to successfully set up shop, easy to get rich. So, how to operate a new shop management shop?

first, location. Shop to make money, the most important step is the market positioning. The shop is not a rough thing, good location is the location of the edge can be effective, may take the spirit to make you famous, how to store, store address selection should combine the jiamengfei and rental and other factors, but also consider their own capital restrictions, in short, from their actual sail.

secondly, the decoration design. Positioning is completed, select the location, the next will be renovated. In accordance with their own position of arrogance, to design the decoration of the spirit of the response, the brand to the atmosphere. Decoration can not be copied, to have their own ideas, you can look at DIY, but also to save costs, but also includes their own planning ideas, very thoughtful. Remember one thing: Shop planning, but also save every penny.

then purchase distribution. Shop in the decoration, the search for supplies. The general choice of the purchase of 2 cities in the province’s wholesale market. Want to know your money into the goods, there is no problem to understand the market is not smooth, then your money on the pressure. The goods placed, i.e.distribution. Goods shelves, in short, according to your shop group style to design a suitable distribution to you.

sales techniques. Everything in place, put a string of firecrackers, your shop opened! To talk about the sales techniques do not understand the problem, the general new line, the proposal does not need to help, to develop their own into the first 1 outstanding salesman. Sales should pay attention to what? Be friendly to words and deeds. Be zealous and good.

should pay attention to the observation to learn how to operate the brand shop, awards, to learn Chahar indecent color words. Customers in the door, first of all, at least have a "reception". Visit the customer dress indecent customers to fathom this is a speech and deportment, what kind of character of the customer, how can I introduce my recommendation, how to flatter him and not uncover traces. In the course of the sale of their own training into 1 people say, say constantly!

aftermarket, and then talk about the sale of some of the questions do not understand. Things in your lobbying sold out, a few days of bad, the customer came to the door, how to do? To draw up the relevant three things, of course, to remember the principle of not change, if you retire or change, you do this single white trading. To learn the basic skills of maintenance, to study the national recommendation