How to deal with the customer bargaining owner

no matter what business shop, always meet customer’s bargain, this is a normal thing, because customers have the power to bargain, this is a normal thing, even if their purchase will also have the habit of bargaining, then, as the owner of the bargain you should be how to deal with customers?

1, a "shameful," said ahead of

in some large shopping malls, clothing stores and other places of business, often can see some signs of this slogan "cheap sales, declined to bargain". If someone wants to bargain when shopping, the clerk will be very polite to point out: "I’m sorry, we do not bargain here." Avoid a battle of words with the client. This is the "I said earlier". In the sale, the store can be explained to the customer, the price of the goods have been dead, and for various reasons can not be lowered, blocking the mouth of the customer bargaining.

however, implementation of the "pre emptive" approach must be a prerequisite, that is, the clothing quality, and at the time of fashion, very popular, very popular, not because of the price level and directly affect the customer’s final purchase. Otherwise, this strategy will be refused to customers in a thousand miles away.

2, the wind blows, see

to effectively avoid the customer’s bargain price is key, clever. Distinguish between customer types, targeted offers. For those who do not know the price of the aimless customers, high price, set aside a certain bargaining space; for I do not know the specific name for a price, but the industry sales price of each link of customers should be moderate price, the price level in affection; and to those who know the specific price and from other channels to purchase the same varieties of "professional customers, should be in the premise of not losing money, try to lower the price, retain customers.

3, clever repartee asked, bargaining with fine

and customer bargaining is a kind of art of persuasion. The clerk in the "lobby" in the process, must grasp the point that you must "boast", highlighting the goods and sales of goods and all related, let customers produce a heartfelt "only this one, no other shop" and "take the money worth" feeling, otherwise the result will be that they.