The Lijiang high-speed train group to realize – start at dawn and arrive at dusk

high speed rail to bring convenience to people, so that the majority of passengers can safely and easily reach every place, one from Kunming Lijiang, Beijing Kunming high-speed accelerate again, truly arrived in Beijing one day to the target, brings great convenience for people to travel, so that people can go to my place in the short time.

"Lijiang" Kunming high-speed rail train number is G403, G404, 24 channels across the board. G403 high-speed rail 07:05 starting from Beijing West Railway Station 19:58 minutes to reach the KunMing South Railway Station, time 12 hours and 53 minutes; G404 high-speed rail 08:43 starting from KunMing South Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station to reach 21:56, the whole time of 13 hours 13. Beijing Kunming high-speed rail is shorter than the trip takes about 20 hours, can start at dawn and arrive at dusk.

last December 28th, carrying the Yunnan Plateau to Yunnan section of Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail, Yunnan Guangxi railway from Kunming to Baise section officially opened operations, colorful Yunnan ushered in the era of high-speed rail. High speed railway is the propeller to speed up the development of the region. Yunnan has a high mountain and deep valley and a complex geological structure, and the infrastructure, especially the comprehensive transportation infrastructure, is an important factor restricting the development of Yunnan. Shanghai Kunming, Yunnan Guangxi two high-speed rail connecting with Beijing and Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta three areas with rapid economic development, the construction of Yunnan eight provinces, five exit railway backbone , accelerate the construction of a modern integrated transport system, and actively integrate into the service of national development strategy, has important significance. Two high-speed rail traffic operation, will effectively improve the position of Yunnan in the "The Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River economic belt and the influence across the development of a strong boost to Yunnan.

To further enhance the

high-speed rail service, let people see the hope, also won the people’s recognition, so that people can go to the destination in a relatively short period of time can have the Lijiang high-speed train group, can attract more tourist resources, so that more people go to Kunming, to feel the beauty of the charm of Yunnan.