Deaf young people constantly strive to reverse the trajectory of life

business every day in the interpretation of every hue story, many of which are touched countless people, and the amazing perseverance of deaf youth is how to achieve counter attack, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

in Nanjing Xinjiekou Liuzhou station building 16 floor office, "he Liu design studio" seven characters appear in the author’s eyes, a long white clean young guy is back to the window, click on the hands of the mouse. He is the owner of this design studio. From a deaf mute to college students, and then become a successful business design studio boss, with this 54 square meters of office, he has become a legend.

in cultivating mother, 1992, has been studying painting he entered Tianjin University of Technology to leave. Big moment, the mother went to see how to stay, to see his son’s bedroom bedside, there is a plastic box with a large number of small candles head.

1997 years, he left with a good college graduation, but difficult to find a job. At that time, he left his father thought his son can enter their own factories to "top level", did not expect to be able to communicate the factory refused to accept; by looking for someone to care relationship, parents are linked to an advertising company, the company responsible person politely refused to say, advertising design, a normal person have not done well, not to mention a deaf mute?

after winning, he eventually left was admitted to an advertising company. Every day he will be half an hour in advance to the company, cleaning, tea; other designers work, he looked silently at the side of learning; after work, he took a thick stack of information, home to burn the midnight oil.