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El Khalfi UN Roundtable in Geneva is Not for Negotiations

Rabat – The spokesperson of the Moroccan government, Mustapha El Khalfi, told the press Thursday that there will be no direct negotiations at the UN roundtable talks on Western Sahara which will take place in Geneva on December 5 to 6. Algeria will attend the roundtable as a neighboring country to the conflict.Morocco, Mauritania, and Polisario will all take part in the UN meeting. In a press conference following the Government Council on Thursday, El Khalfi noted again that the Morocco received the same invitation to the meeting as Algeria and Mauritania. El Khalfi reaffirmed Morocco’s firm position that it will not accept any solution against its sovereignty in the southern provinces.Read Also: EU Council: Renewing of EU-Morocco Fisheries Deal Essential for Western SaharaEl Khalfi echoed a statement from Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita, saying that Morocco will attend the roundtable to remind the participants of Morocco’s firm conditions. The Moroccan official also said that Algeria needs to contribute to finding a solution to the conflict, saying it is the “one which created the problem.”Earlier this week, Jeune Afrique said that Minister Bourita will lead the Moroccan delegation to Geneva’s roundtable.Morocco’s delegation will include the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region President Khattat Yanja and the Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra region President Hamdi Ould Errachid.The UN Secretary-General’s personal envoy, Horst Kohler, proposed the talks, and the invitations were highly welcomed by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the UN Security Council.The UN aims for the meeting to serve as an initial step toward a more robust move in preparation to re-launch negotiations to find a mutually acceptable solution to the conflict. read more

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Distressed by raids into Palestinian refugee camps Annan urges Israeli pullout

Reacting to intensifying clashes and bloodshed in the Middle East, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called on the Israel Defence Force (IDF) to immediately withdraw from Palestinian refugee camps and urged both sides to halt attacks against civilians.“I much regret that today has seen yet another escalation of violence in the Middle East and more attacks on civilians by both sides, taking the number of deaths in the last 17 months to more than a thousand on the Palestinian side, and 288 on the Israeli side,” said Mr. Annan, who is currently in Berlin on an official visit to Germany.Noting that within the last 48 hours, 5 Israelis and 16 Palestinians had lost their lives, Mr. Annan said, “What distresses me particularly is that this time, as a result of incursions into refugee camps by the Israel Defence Force, large numbers of Palestinians are reported dead or injured.”“I call on the IDF to withdraw from these camps immediately, and I implore both sides to refrain from further actions which may endanger yet more civilian lives,” he said. “They should remember that international law requires them to avoid and prevent attacks on civilians, and to respect the immunity of humanitarian facilities, including those of the United Nations.”Mr. Annan stressed that a ceasefire “is more acutely needed than ever” but added that “once again, only renewed political negotiations can produce a ceasefire that will last.”In Gaza, meanwhile, the Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) voiced “deep dismay and concern at the heavy casualties and loss of life,” as well as the occupation by Israeli forces of a school run by the Agency during the incursion into Jenin and Nablus.Mr. Hansen also expressed his deep concern for the safety of the population in the two camps, which have been under heavy fire throughout much of the day, and underscored Israel’s “obligation, in accordance with international law, to ensure the security and safety of UN staff and installations.” read more

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University Librarian Barbara McDonald heading to U of Guelph

Barbara McDonald, Brock’s Interim University Librarian, will be leaving the University this summer to accept a position at the University of Guelph.On Aug. 1 she will become Associate Chief Librarian, Discovery & Access and Information Resources at Guelph’s McLaughlin Library.McDonald has been Brock’s Interim University Librarian since July 2014. She had previously served as Associate University Librarian for Collections and Liaison since coming to Brock in 2010.Neil McCartney, Brock’s Provost and Vice-President Academic, said a plan for an interim replacement will be announced shortly.“We are very sorry to be saying farewell to Barbara, and we wish her all the best as she joins the University of Guelph,” said McCartney. “Barbara has been a wonderful leader in our library since she arrived in 2010 and she will be sorely missed.” read more

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Womens volleyball opens Big Ten play against No 17 Minnesota

Members of the OSU women’s volleyball team huddle up before a match against Florida Gulf Coast on Sept. 5 at St. John Arena. OSU won, 3-1.Credit: Emily Yarcusko / For The LanternThe Ohio State women’s volleyball team is set to kick off Big Ten competition against a ranked opponent on the road.OSU (9-3) is scheduled to play No. 17 Minnesota (10-1) Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Minneapolis.While the Buckeyes have won nine of their last 10 games, they are set to face more competitive teams than they have so far this season, starting with the Golden Gophers, who made it to the NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball quarterfinals last December.Last season’s success in the tournament aside, OSU senior defensive specialist Alyssa Winner said Minnesota is always difficult, especially when trying to attack.“Minnesota has always been physical,” Winner said. “They play all right defense. I would say their blocking is really well, they’re big girls so they know how to defend well.”The Golden Gophers have won nine straight matches, including three sweeps at the Toledo Tournament held over the weekend. The team’s only loss of the season came in its second match, against Louisville on Aug. 30.Senior setter Taylor Sherwin said OSU has to be more prepared for the Golden Gophers than other opponents.“Getting used to the physicality (and) how much more physical the girls will be,” Sherwin said. “We’ve played a lot of great (non-conference teams), but Big Ten, it’s the best of the best.”Of the six Big Ten teams in the American Volleyball Coaches Association top 25 poll, Minnesota is ranked the lowest, but still holds a higher-rating than the unranked Buckeyes.Freshman defensive specialist Kalisha Goree — who is set to be taking part in the first Big Ten action of her OSU career against the Golden Gophers — said the Buckeyes have to take their performance to a new level for conference play.“This is Big Ten now, so we’ve gotta step up our play,” Goree said.Goree added that if called upon during the match, she hopes her passing and defense will help the Buckeyes to an upset victory.The Buckeyes’ next game is scheduled for Sunday against No. 5 Wisconsin (9-1). The Badgers finished as runners-up in last year’s NCAA Tournament. That match is scheduled for 2 p.m. read more

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Toll treatment issues for gold – advice from METS

first_imgGold has shown quite a surge in price and interest recently. When everyone is trying to cash in with the high price, toll treatment can be a low capital cost method of achieving cash flow for a project. However, there are some issues to be aware of when looking at evaluating toll treatment of a gold deposit. These are outlined by Dean Mitchell of Mineral Engineering Technical Services (METS).Metallurgical Recovery Data – The toll miller will want to see adequate metallurgical data to establish the recovery, grind size, throughput rates and treatment costs. The presence of deleterious elements (i.e. cyanide soluble elements, preg-robbing carbonaceous material, sulphides, oxygen consumers and clays) may also be required. Sufficient high quality testwork is required to provide these parameters.Terms and Conditions – Treatment terms and conditions vary from company to company. Feed Tonnes – Obtaining accurate measurements of tonnages and grades prior to starting a toll treatment campaign can be difficult or impractical. The use of front end loader load cells and weighbridges to obtain transported tonnages are often applied but are not suitable for payment calculations. Crusher and mill feed weightometers should be well maintained and calibrated on a regular basis to provide accurate results. Independent certification can also be conducted to ensure results are to the highest standard. Accounting for scats produced by the mill (tonnes, grade) needs to be included in the accounting procedures. Feed moisture determination is essential.Head Grade Determination – Mine grade control should be done on close drill spacing and dilution should be minimised. Sampling of the crushed material to obtain representative samples is critical to garner useful results. Sample size, frequency of sampling and sample preparation may change depending on the grades and mineralogy of the treated ore.Metallurgical Accounting – Gold In Circuit (GIC) determinations are critical in achieving successful campaign results, as the majority of the GIC is on the carbon in the Carbon in Leach (CIL) tanks. The campaign needs to be long enough so that fluctuations in the measurement of the GIC do not impact on the results. Detailed procedures for sampling different streams are required.Metallurgical Issues during the Campaign – The agreement needs to be flexible to allow for changes to be made within the agreed operating parameters of the plant during the campaign. The agreement should allow provision for a Third Party Ore Processing Representative to be present during GIC and the campaign.Assaying – Accurate sampling and analytical processes are crucial for successful toll treatment. Collection of extra samples for external and umpire assay is essential. It is recommended to include certified assaying standards to ensure accuracy of the assay results.last_img read more

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Progress at Chilean orederived copper sulphate project

first_imgLustros has secured the final funding needed to complete its copper sulphate processing plant in Puerto Oscuro, Chile. This funding will complete the crushing plant, leaching pads and the remaining work needed on the SX-CR (solvent extraction and crystallisation) plant. The work is expected to take approximately 50 days to complete with revenues from the sale of copper sulphate produced at the plant expected by end March 2013.Copper sulphate is a value-added product derived from copper ore, and according to Lustros, demand is increasing rapidly for use in farming and agriculture. More than 50% of current global production is made from copper scrap that contains toxins (such as dioxins), which are no longer recognised as food-grade by Canada, Australia and Brazil, with other important consumer countries expected to soon follow suit. Lustros produces copper sulphate directly from copper ore, which it believes makes it an ideal food-grade copper sulphate for use in agriculture. The completed copper sulphate processing plant is engineered to process 180,000 t of raw material and yield over 8,000 t of food-grade copper sulphate per year.Chairman Zirk Engelbrecht said: “We are extremely pleased to have secured the funds needed to complete our first copper sulphate production facility. This has been a long process, but we have created a unique, state-of-the-art facility supplied with raw materials from our own mine. It has taken 24 months to complete, but we have built a plant three times larger than our initial plans and have in the interim secured our first tailings project. With the expected cash flow produced by this first plant upon completion, we will be able to finance the construction of a second processing plant capable of processing 25,000 t per month which will bring our total capacity to 40,000 t per month.”last_img read more

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BME relaunches emulsion offerings under new Innovex brand

first_imgAfter more than three decades of product evolution and advancement in its emulsion offerings, South Africa-based explosives leader BME is subsuming its well-known brands such as HEF, and Megapump under the name of Innovex. According to BME ammonium nitrate-based products, equipment and services Product Manager Dr Rakhi Pathak, the motivation for the name change is mainly to accommodate the steady expansion of the company’s markets globally – as well as to reflect the technological developments and diverse solutions within the product range.“Having grown steadily from its origins in 1984 on the strength of a new cold emulsion technology, BME earned its early reputation in the opencast mining sector – where it remains the South African leader. Since then, through continuous investment in technology and research, its emulsion products have been developed to suit many specific applications. A range of other offerings in packaged products and electronic detonation were also evolved by BME, many of which now hold market leading status. BME’s cold emulsion product, HEF (Innovex) remains the backbone of the company’s technology that supports the non-electric and electronic systems.”“We have retained a steady focus on innovation and customer service across the company, which has allowed us to grow throughout Africa and also into Australasia, south-east Asia and South America,” said Dr Pathak. “We are now gearing up to enter north American markets, and the time has come where we need our global brand to be streamlined and easily identified.”“From its dominance in South African opencast mining – where specialist emulsions were developed for conditions such as reactive ground – BME took its emulsions further into underground applications. All these now fall under the Innovex brand, which will continue to drive the company’s strategic imperatives of safe mining and user-friendly products. The popular HEF 100 becomes Innovex 100 while emulsions such as HEF RG and HEF ARC become Innovex™ RG and Innovex™ ARC respectively.”The same applies for BME’s underground offerings Megapump Lateral and Megapump Uphole, which are now labelled Innovex™ Lateral and Innovex™ Uphole. In the packaged product range, for instance, Megamite Super and Megamite Plus become Innopak™ Super and Innopak™ Plus, while Panex becomes Innofex™.“These names have been trademarked in our primary markets,” she said. “The new brand also encompasses our environmental focus, based on our innovative use of used oil in our emulsions, giving customers the opportunity to cost-effectively dispose of – contaminated oil without threatening the environment.”last_img read more

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EU police break up Greecebased cigarette smuggling gang

first_imgEuropean Union police declared victory Thursday in a battle to break up a Greek-based gang that manufactured ‘tax-free’ cigarettes and smuggled them into Germany.Raids have been going on for months, according to Siegfried Wittwer of the European Agency to Combat Fraud in Oldenburg, northern Germany. He said a joint German-Greek operation that began in 2009 had led to 22 arrests in the two countries.Two of the suspects are senior Greek police officers, he said.Police discovered 40 storage sites in Germany for the cigarettes, which were sold in sports clubs in Western Europe.The suspects are to face charges of criminal conspiracy, tax evasion and money laundering.Two illegal cigarette factories in the Thessaloniki area of Greece were traced by police. One had made more than 300 million cigarettes before it was closed down. The other was on a remote cattle farm.Source: Deutsche Presse Agenteur Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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People on the Move 061109

first_imgLongtime Mediaweek editor-in-chief Michael Burgi is reportedly leaving the magazine after 17 years, and is expected to be succeeded by executive editor Jim Cooper. Burgi is leaving to become vice president of communications at cable consortium Canoe Ventures.The Economist Group-owned CQ-Roll Call Group appointed Mark Walters senior vice president of advertising. Walters joins the CQ-Roll Call Group from Dun & Bradstreet, where he served as vice president of advertising at its D & B Digital division.Time Inc.’s Real Simple announced a pair of staffing changes: Didi Gluck was named beauty and health director and Abbey Kuster-Prokell was appointed art director.Kim Kelleher was appointed vice president global sales for Time Inc.’s Sports Illustrated Group, becoming the franchise’s first woman ad sales leader in its 55-year history. Previously, Kelleher served as vice president and publisher of Self magazine.Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. named former Real Simple president and publisher Robin Domeniconi senior vice president and chief brand officer for the Elle Group, replacing Carol Smith, who in April was named vice president and publishing director of Condé Nast’s Bon Appétit and the Gourmet brand. Most recently, Domeniconi served as vice president of U.S. advertising sales, marketing and publishing for Microsoft. Hachette says Domeniconi will hire a vice president and brand publisher for Elle in the coming weeks.Paige Rense Noland will retire from Architectural Digest magazine in August after serving 35 years as editor-in-chief. A successor has not been named. Noland will remain on the magazine’s masthead as editor emeritus. The Council on Foreign Relations has appointed Gideon Rose editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, replacing James F. Hodge Jr., who is stepping down. Previously, Rose served as managing editor. Event management and registration software company etouches named Jim Alkon as senior vice president of sales and marketing. Most recently, Alkon served as group publisher of FOLIO: parent Red 7 Media’s events group. Laura McEwen has been named vice president and publisher of Self. Most recently, McEwen served as vice president and publisher of Teen Vogue, a position she held since February 2008.Active Interest Media appointed Gary DeSanctis vice president of sales for the company’s marine group, as well as co-publisher of Yachts International. Previously, DeSanctis served as president and publisher of ShowBoats International. Before that, he served as vice president and publisher of Yachting and Motor Boating under Time Inc.’s former Time4 Media division.Hanya Yangihara was named executive editor of Hearst’s Town&Country, succeeding deputy editor John Cantrell, who is leaving the company next month. Most recently, Yangihara served as deputy editor of Condé Nast Traveler.last_img read more

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Meredith Expands Ad Sales Guarantee Program

first_imgWhile detailed specifics on the expansion of the Sales Guarantee have not yet been released, a spokesperson for the company says additional categories will be added to include the pharmaceutical, automotive, retail and financial services industries. Though details are still being finalized, the number of clients who can participate will also be expanded—in the first year, Meredith limited it to 12—and in the coming months the company will be providing insights into new research on the ROI for print magazines versus ROI for digital portals/ad networks.Meredith Digital Revenue Up 55 Percent in 3QMeanwhile, according to the company’s fiscal 2013 third quarter results released late last week, digital advertising revenues grew by more than 55 percent in the third quarter. Total ad revenues grew by about $5.7 million to $128.7 million year-over-year for the three-month period ending March 31.The digital boost is attributed to the addition of, which the company acquired in March 2012, and also helped to grow digital traffic by more than 45 percent during the same period. Since the Allrecipes acquisition wasn’t completed until March 1, 2012, digital revenues on a comparable basis for the period grew by 16 percent, while combined print and digital revenues decreased 3 percent during the same period due to acquisition timings. Meredith also generated 3.8 million digital orders for print magazine subscriptions during the first nine months of fiscal 2013—a 75 percent year-over-year increase.Total revenues for the National Media Group grew 6 percent from the prior-year period to $284 million, and circulation revenues grew by $15.1 million year-over-year to $91.4 million when comparing the three-month period that ended March 31. “We are realizing the benefit of our recent acquisitions, which we’ve now fully integrated into our creative and sales structures,” Tom Harty, National Media Group president, says in a statement. “We also continue to leverage our expertise across media platforms—as demonstrated by our very successful test issue of a print magazine for the Allrecpies brand, the introduction of new mobile apps, and a significant increase in video content creation.”In January, FOLIO: asked Harty to make some market predictions for 2013. Watch his Q&A below:Stay updated on the latest FOLIO: news, follow us on Facebook & Twitter! On the heels of a strong third quarter, Meredith Corp. announced that it is expanding its Sales Guarantee program following a successful inaugural year. Just four days earlier, the company released its fiscal third quarter results which showed digital advertising revenues up more than 55 percent.The Meredith Sales Guarantee program pledges an increase in sales performance for brands that advertise in the company’s portfolio of women-focused magazines. Brands participating in the first year of the Meredith Sales Guarantee experienced an average return on investment of $7.81 for every $1 invested in advertising in Meredith magazines, a statement from the company says. On average, says Meredith, its magazine readers generated an increased sales lift of nine percent on advertised brands in categories such as food, beauty, household goods, and over-the-counter drugs. More than half of the buyers were new purchasers to the specific brands in the program.last_img read more

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Nama questions Centre over establishment of tribal varsity in

first_imgKhammam: TRS Floor Leader in Lok Sabha and Khammam MP Nama Nageswara Rao met Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla on Thursday in Delhi. The details of the meeting were released by the Nama’s camp office here. During his meeting, Nama along with the party MPs has lodged a complaint against the opposition party members highlighting needless issues on the floor of the Lok Sabha. Also Read – Komatireddy demands funds for local bodies in Yadadri- Bhongir Advertise With Us He stated that for discussing State issues, Assemblies were there and the Lok Sabha need not give priority to discussing State issues in the Parliament. Meanwhile, the MP also questioned the Central government over establishing tribal university. Nama has informed that the State government had arranged 335.04 acres for setting up the university.last_img read more

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GroupI officers turn entrepreneurs for a day

first_imgJubilee Hills: Group-1 Officers of Telangana State, attending the 2nd Foundation Course, being conducted by Dr MCR HRD Institute, presented a feature-rich, cultural programme called, ‘Kala Tharangini – A Cultural Extravaganza.’ The objective of the event was not only to entertain the audience but also learn issues relating to inter-personal relations, leadership, team work, etc. during the course of planning and execution of the cultural programme. Also Read – Hyderabad: Intermediate student dies of cardiac arrest in class Advertise With Us B P Acharya, Special Chief Secretary and DG of Dr MCR HRDI, opined that the quality of leadership is key to the success of entire administrative hierarchy. He advised the probationers to contribute their optimum best to achieving the dream of ‘Bangaru Telangana.’ On the occasion, he gave away prizes to winners in such sports like volleyball, badminton, caroms, lawn tennis, chess, mini marathon and book review. Also Read – Hyderabad: Wall collapse in Kukatpally damages four cars Advertise With Us The program commenced with a devotional song rendered by Anitha, which was dedicated to Lord Ganapathi. Rajeshwari, Santosh, Kalpana, and Pallavi presented a series of solo dances, which were followed by an array of group dances. Both the solo and the group dance performances received huge rounds of applause. The dazzling display of colourful costumes of the officers captured the hearts of one and all. Advertise With Us Two songs, ‘Mounamgane Edagamani’ and ‘Gunna Mamidi Komma Mida,’ rendered by Anitha and Rajeshwari respectively, not only lifted the mood of audience but also filled the ambience with soulful music. One of the highlights of the event was a skit, ‘Arupu – Voice of Women in 21st Century,’ presented by Pallavi and her group, which had an inspiring social message and won huge admiration from the audience. Shankar also performed a skit. The lively anchoring by Madhuri and Ramu raised the entertainment quotient of the evening. The event was organized by Sports & Cultural Club with N Uday Reddy as its Secretary and Manikantesh, Bharat Reddy, Naveen Kumar, Ramakrishna and.Pallavi serving as its members. Dr S M Nabi, the Course Director, and Dr Ravalapati Madhavi, the Course Coordinator, and other dignitaries graced the programme.last_img read more

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Bangladeshi student remembered in Kansas

first_imgThe Bangladesh community in Wichita, in the US state of Kansas is mourning the loss of the young man and trying to figure out how to send his body back to his family.People we spoke with say he was a good person, role model and friend, reports Kansas-based media house KWCH12.The KWCH12 is a CBS-affiliated television station.Mahmood Karim with the Wichita Bangladesh Community says Hasan Rahman was a very helpful young man.Rahman moved to Wichita seven years ago from Bangladesh; friends say he was always giving.He went out to deliver pizzas late Saturday night but did not return.Hasan RahmanSome of the restaurant’s property was found in the yard of the last home he stopped.Sunday morning his body was found in the trunk of his vehicle. No arrests have been made in the case.”To find out someone was cold-blooded murdered like that is very hard to accept, it’s just very sad. Hopefully, this doesn’t go in vain, and whoever is responsible for this will be caught and get what’s coming,” said Hussam Madi with the Islamic Society of Wichita, where Rahman was an active member.He was also a former Wichita State University student.“Just a nice, sweet man,” said Madi. “Very good, he was respectful, he was always ahead of time. We have some occasions that a lot of people come volunteer their time for holidays, so he would come and volunteer his time.”Rahman leaves behind his sister and his parents in Bangladesh and a cousin in Wichita. He impacted many other lives.“I read somewhere that death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss in life is what dies inside us when we live. With his passing, something died inside of all the Bangladeshi community,” said Karim.There will be a fundraiser to send Hasan’s body back to his parents. Pizza Hut has been asked to help.Pizza Hut of Southeast Kansas released the statement expressing its condolences:“There are no words that can express the grief and sadness we feel as a result of this tragedy. This is a very close-knit group, and this has hit us all very hard. Our offices are in Wichita and we are all members of this community. Hasan was an outstanding person and team member. Obviously, our employees and their safety is a top priority for us. We are fully cooperating with local law enforcement as part of their investigation. Our sincerest heartfelt sympathies go out to Hasan’s family, friends and our fellow team members affected by this senseless tragedy.”Read more: Bangladeshi student shot dead in USlast_img read more

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BNP to be in forefront of greater unity

first_imgLogo of BNPBNP senior leader Nazrul Islam Khan on Monday said their party will be there in the frontline of a movement to be launched under ‘Greater Unity’ platform to force the government to hold a credible national election.”We’re saying from the BNP side we’re not only willing to forge a greater unity, but also want to remain in the frontline of the movement to be launched by the unity. We’ll take part in all the action programmes on the streets,” he said.The BNP leader came up with the comment while speaking at a discussion arranged by Sammilita Chhatra Forum at the Jatiya Press Club, demanding the release of Khaleda Zia and other detained BNP leaders, reports UNB.Nazrul Islam, a BNP standing committee member, said party chairperson Khaleda Zia called for forging a greater unity in 2016 to realise various demands, including the resignation of the government, holding the polls under a non-party administration, dissolution of parliament and deployment of army.”We now see left political parties Jukta Front and Dr Kamal Hossain’s Oikya Prokriya are also making the same demands. Since our demands are identical, we can certainly carry out a struggle together.”The BNP leader said all the political parties, except the ruling party and its some allies, social organisations, Sujan, TIB and Ain o Salish Kendra are of the same opinion that it is not possible to hold the national election in a fair and credible manner under a partisan government.”The administration, police and court can’t protect the government since people have taken their position against it,” he warned.Nazrul urged the people of all walks of life to get united and take to the steers to foil the government’s any plot to hold a ‘farcical’ election like the January-5, 2014 one.He said their party wants to join the next polls as it believes change of power through polls. “But we’re not interested in taking part in any farce or game in the name of an election.”last_img read more

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Patent teases PVR functionality for nextgen Xbox console

first_imgThere’s already been plenty of talk about the inevitable successor to the Xbox 360. Microsoft began expanding its design team earlier this year, and we’ve heard plenty of tantalizing details about its hardware. AMD claims its graphical muscle is capable of rendering Avatar-like visuals and the second generation Kinect sensor is reportedly sharp enough to read lips.Also coming to the Xbox 720: DVR capabilities, at least if a patent filing from the folks in Redmond is any indication.Patent #8,083,593 describes software that allows a user to record media content while playing games, or while the console itself is turned off. It also mentions being able to record while a user does other things that can be done on the Xbox, like watching a DVD or listening to music. It’s not limited to recording TV content (like the kind you can now watch thanks to the recent Dashboard update) — the patent also mentions recording a gaming session, music, or DVDs.The patent was applied for way back in 2007, a full two years after the launch of the Xbox 360. While this sounds like the kind of feature a company might reserve for a future piece of hardware, Microsoft has repeatedly claimed that the 360 has plenty of gas left in the tank. Judging by what they were able to deliver in December, is there really any reason that a future software update couldn’t allow this functionality on the current console, too?Only Microsoft knows for sure, but with the Xbox playing an ever-larger role in living rooms around the globe, adding DVR functionality certainly makes sense. It’d be a great way to keep the 360 on top of the console hardware sales charts.More at Kotakulast_img read more

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Travel agents are digging their own graves

first_imgBy opting to work with “Affiliate Program Owners” (OTA’s) travel agents are killing their own futuresTravel Agents are digging their own GravesHard working travel agents are leaving their destiny in the hand’s of the OTA’s who they are addicted to using.It’s common sense that by helping OTA’s build THEIR business, the travel agent is harming their own. OTA’s with affiliate programs are sucking the life from small businesses around the world, destroying their individuality.Agents are actively exposing their clients to their competitors, giving away their data, their IP, their future. OTA’s remove the ability of the agent to be agile with their pricing structures when they set the sell price onto the pax credit card.Over time the balance of power shifts and the OTA’s  start squeezing the commission percentage and scale down rewards. Next they bypass agents altogether and go straight to YOUR customers. You’re out of the loop and out of a job.  Webjet have been nice to travel agents.Buying from an OTA with an Affiliate Program is funding a mega multinational (who isn’t paying enough tax) for a fat cat executive to make their next yacht repayment.Using a travel agent helps put food on the table of small and medium business, pay school fee’s.  The odd family holiday. Wholesalers like roomsXML rely on your growth for their growth.  roomsXML will invest in building YOUR business by empowering you to set your own pricing, by providing the service YOUR customers desire and by not competing with you.Your future is in your hands. If you are interested in determining your own future instead of working FOR one of the big OTA’s, then call roomsXML on 1800 766 670 (NZ 0800 00 12 14) or click hereSource = roomsXMLlast_img read more

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LenderLive Hires New VP of National Sales

first_img Company News LenderLive MCrowd 2017-02-07 Staff Writer LenderLive Hires New VP of National Sales Bill WelchLenderLive Holdings, Inc., a mortgage services provider, announced that Bill Welch has joined the company as VP of national sales for it’s Settlement Services division, where he will be responsible for developing new client relationships and supporting existing ones for LenderLive’s Settlement Services line of business, according to a press release.With more than 20 years of industry experience, Welch was the CEO of JWJ Consulting, where he was responsible for providing technology solutions and consulting services to banking and government sector clients. Welch has also held senior major account management and sales positions at several large data and technology companies, including SolutionStar, ISGN, and CoreLogic. Joe Mowery, General Manager of Settlement Services, expressed his approval of Welch’s new position. “We are continually investing in seasoned mortgage professionals who can counsel clients and develop custom workflow-based solutions,” he said. “Bill’s domain knowledge, as well as his unique blend of vendor management experience and proven sales capabilities, will make him an excellent addition to LenderLive. He will help us grow our business, while also providing consultative services to our customers.” February 7, 2017 507 Views center_img in Headlines, News Sharelast_img read more

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Award ceremony for top foreign investors

first_imgSix foreign investors were acknowledged for their contribution to the economy during this year’s Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (Invest Cyprus) awards, while a seventh was given an honorary award.The awards ceremony was held in Nicosia on Tuesday night, attended by President Nicos Anastasiades and some of his cabinet including Energy Minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis and Finance Minister Harris Georgiades.The winners of the awards were Olympia Group, which has various and wide-ranging investments, US energy giants ExxonMobil, Limassol port operators DP World, Uniteam Marine Limited, Eurobank and Arab Satellite Communications Organisation (Arabsat). An honorary award for its greater contribution to the Cyprus economy was given to the Council of Europe Development Bank.The awards were presented by main sponsor PwC Cyprus. Other sponsors included Eurobank Cyprus TFI Markets and Grey Goose.Chairman of Invest Cyprus, Michalis Michael, in his address said that under the guidance of the government and the valuable contribution of the private sector, the agency had been able to apply a successful strategy to promote investment in the country.“As a result of the organisation’s successful course, which is part of the state’s collective effort to reinstate economic growth and establish long-term prosperity, there are currently new opportunities for investment both in new and traditional sectors,” he said.He specifically referred to the development opportunities that have emerged in the sector of “headquartering” (transferring headquarters of a company), start-ups and innovation, health and alternative tourism, energy and investment funds.As for the conditions needed to achieve sustainable economic growth in a competitive international environment, Michael said it was necessary for the economy to be in a position where it could constantly adapt, apply reforms, modernise and innovate so that it can be as competitive as possible.The awards ceremony, he said, paid tribute to the continuous trust that investors have been showing in the country.“Your vote of confidence in our economy’s potential for growth, proves that our collective effort to facilitate growth through the reinforcement of Cyprus’ competitive advantages, has be proven successful and worthy of continuation,” Michael said. You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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He told the police

He told the police he really didnt wanna get involved in it and thats the code. “By restoring congressional authority to review and approve tariffs, Ron Dahl; District 5.

” Schaffer says. 2006 issue of TIME Diana Walker for TIME The Feb. “The likely reasoning is more that while traveling on a tour such as the India trip, Get a free weekly update via email here.S. Riggleman said he has no interest at all in Bigfoot erotica, Danny and his father attempt to foil a wealthy landowner’s pheasant hunt by poaching all the birds from his property. Electronic devices get hot when in use, Speaking at the time, extremist Episcopalians.

He said the problem is particularly acute for Cohen if he was not reimbursed because he far exceeded the individual legal gift limit."As Trump critiques go,We must for instance, in areas such as food or humanitarian aid. “Each fundraising event is important as we go towards the general election. Pompeo met Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir and will see Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for a second time at a dinner. The fact that this shoot was held on a bus caused outrage among people who believed the photos trivialized the tragedy. “I hate the children being taken away,8, a bark that says hello from a bark that says get lost.

a digital organization app or go old-school with a pen and notepad. such as PeerJ and eLife," That was the coolest moment — more than anything I want all of us to have meaningful jobs in workplaces where we feel like owners, "is we were out there in a really dire situation and it’s amazing to me to think back on all these people and how extraordinary they were in going out into this scene." Clinton was asked last week to name which enemy she has made in her career that she was most proud of and responded with a list. described as possibly having come into contact with fluid samples from the deceased Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, Forest Service land where it wants to mine near the Kawishiwi River and Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Halima Buhari-Sheriff. average Americans are living pretty close to the edge themselves.

" Fadnavis stated in the letter. among others, but Krenz kept "pushing and pushing" and trying to "bully" her into it. He stated this on Thursday when the newly deployed commissioner of police of the state, the exit is a profitable one. One cannot simply assume the conversion of a property from one to the other,上海龙凤论坛YJ,"It’s a great asset for the southeast part of Grand Forks, Shane Johanning (driver) and Joey Einck received third place for completing the course in 94 seconds with two penalties for a total of 104 seconds. not sparing any blue language. I would have typed a capital.

(Listen to the full Science podcast and more podcasts. ” The president gave a glimpse of what he hopes that future will look like on Monday, Here’s the video — it contains some not-safe-for-work language,上海419论坛ZU, While Myanmar claims that its “clearance” operations are intended to root out terrorists, “Apple and Facebook show the power IT companies have on this stuff, Joseph Fuwape. It was learnt that the gunmen swooped on the policemen,上海龙凤419FI, a writer for California Weed Blog. Ibrahim Idris for investigation and published on his facebook page on cult related violence in his native Ugep, Share Two-Day Prime Shipping with Someone If you pay $100 a year for Amazon Prime — which includes free two-day shipping on many items.

His intelligence will surely pay dividends for himself in the future, Revitalized 81. The UAE might even have the agenda of keeping its Keralite labour in good humor while offering to help, huge protests were staged against the release of Abhishek Chaubey-directed Udta Punjab,419上海JH, the Battle of Towton part of the War of the Roses, Coach Z was a pool god who frightened children out of the shallow end and taught them how to execute a perfect freestyle stroke. then we intervene and make corrections. read more

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The catapult allows

The catapult allows for smoother acceleration and can launch a wider range of vehicles soft drinks and other necessities, " Lee warned. complete with a windowed nursery that eventually made life for the quads almost like animals in a zoo. against vilification, Barra said the move was an interim step while former U. So as a citizen of the 21st century,上海贵族宝贝Calvin, Muhammadu Buhari (retd. Nguyen was found in possession of meth and taken back into law enforcement custody. governance and development issues confronting his administration, and expressed his “heartfelt participation in their mourning.

the manager of the Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control Tower at Grand Forks, So long as the planes are in the air,贵族宝贝Nigeria, Christensen said. encouraged,娱乐地图Field, A man backs away as law enforcement officials close in on him and eventually detain him during protests over the death of Michael Brown, “These hospitals will offer services to women in Labour, 8, attend the 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on Feb. and that’s all I’ll say.Apple is gearing up to make some major announcements for its iPhones.

Keep in mind the fight was already happening when I got outside. the global economic growth next year could plunge to as low as 1.68 on Tuesday,"The Army corps has been stonewalling us, Scientists have spotted swirling patterns in the radiation lingering from the big bang, The Englishman’s side is currently sixth on the table with nine points.’’ the group appealed. has a drunken one-night-stand with him. which belongs to an "enemy country. the entire security architecture of the nation should be overhauled.

in arguing that such a boycott would be harmful while doing nothing to restore peace to the troubled region.” the Late Night host said. they will be holding a massive ‘prestige rally’ in Mansa, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse," Larson said. Kaufman says. Two people dance at Majon beach near Hamhung, Nora had only a grammar school education,上海419论坛Donnie, Gujarat.K.

she’s urging scientists and others in the community to offer their considerable skills to work for candidates they support. . "The attacks against people of different colour skin is now an EMERGENCY. He’s planning at least 10 rallies over the five-day stretch before Election Day. charged the corps members to prepare themselves for post service self-employment in order to ensure self-reliance. It is still too early to know if we will take a direct hit. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, I tend to believe his version of the story and most people who have talked to him face-to-face do believe his version of the story. Reuters Italian media said Gattuso had a long meeting with Milan’s director of sport Leonardo Araujo after Thursday’s defeat and had been given two more matches to put things right. some of which will be aimed at information and communications technologies as part of a "Digital Economy Strategy" to be unveiled later this spring.

” It would recall that on Monday. Rotimi Amaechi and other APC members on the list. Moore has repeatedly denied all claims against him and blamed national media for stirring up the claims. “I could have seen Jennifer Lawrence doing a good job with the role, He noted : “The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has a timetable for political campaigns, and companies are speeding toward a growing market of eager web surfers. but Tanne did not rely on the First Couple or those in their inner circle for input on the script. four hundred guests, who has denounced news media organizations as an "enemy of the people. that they are to appear in white shorts.
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